Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Travis and Mark from Blink 182 have a new project called Plus-44

I was watching Meet the Barkers tonight (yes, I watch MTV) and it triggered me to remember the name of Travis and Mark’s new project called Plus-44.  Check out their single at the link below — it automatically starts playing when you visit the site.  I like the new single and it certainly seems like Travis and Mark are trying to reinvent themselves.

I always liked Blink 182 — the guys were genuinely cool people (Tom even walked my dog at a show) and they always seemed to be having a blast on the stage.  All of Blink’s albums are on my iPod and I listen to them frequently.

Plus-44, based on the single, seems like it’s going to have some good music.  I look forward to the album (not that I know the release date) and to seeing them on tour (whenever they decide to go out).


Sunday, January 29, 2006

HOB Ones to Watch

As part of our support of emerging artists, House of Blues has a new section on its site called "Ones to Watch." Check out the site because it's pretty cool -- it features podcasts that contain both interviews and music from emerging artists.

Our goal is to feature 5 emerging artists every quarter. In order to find our features, we are searching websites, asking our friends, listening to free downloads, sifting through self-produced CDs, and putting our ears to the ground to detect the beats of the future. All of our venues are encouraged to send candidates to our home office in LA for consideration, so if you're in a band and want a chance at being featured and you know someone that works for HOB, be sure to have them toss your name in the hat.