Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Travis and Mark from Blink 182 have a new project called Plus-44

I was watching Meet the Barkers tonight (yes, I watch MTV) and it triggered me to remember the name of Travis and Mark’s new project called Plus-44.  Check out their single at the link below — it automatically starts playing when you visit the site.  I like the new single and it certainly seems like Travis and Mark are trying to reinvent themselves.

I always liked Blink 182 — the guys were genuinely cool people (Tom even walked my dog at a show) and they always seemed to be having a blast on the stage.  All of Blink’s albums are on my iPod and I listen to them frequently.

Plus-44, based on the single, seems like it’s going to have some good music.  I look forward to the album (not that I know the release date) and to seeing them on tour (whenever they decide to go out).



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